Blue Pyrenees Estate is a 5 red star-rated winery — ranking among the very best of all wine producers in Australia

Welcome to Blue Pyrenees Estate

Blue Pyrenees Estate was established in 1963 by the French company Remy Martin, and was among the modern Australian wine industry’s first ventures into cool climate viticulture. 

Today, Blue Pyrenees Estate combines a respect for tradition with innovative and adaptive techniques to create the best wine possible. Proud of the fact that all of their wines are made from grapes grown in their vineyards and produced in the adjacent winery, Blue Pyrenees Estate are committed to making authentic, world class-quality wines.

Blue Pyrenees Estate sits in a natural vineyard amphitheatre at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range in Western Victoria, Australia. This pristine environment is a grape growers’ paradise — here, myriad slopes, elevations and contrasting soil types enable the production of a full range of premium red, white and sparkling wines.

Attention to detail afforded by following each grape on its entire journey from the vineyard to glass enables the creation of a truly memorable wine, speaking of both its terroir and heritage. We’re extremely excited to be able to bring the Blue Pyrenees experience to Canada.

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